This is what happen to me lately

February 04, 2018

Who said no exit to escape kpop world?

Everyday i listen and watching ANUAR ZAIN video making me anxious if i dont do that. His song BILA RESAH not helping at all! Anuar Zain please be responsible for what u doing! (😆) So rude!


There is this guy. He put some spell on me. I'm always missing him, want to listen and watching him everyday. (Pls dont cringe guys!) hoping Anuar didnt see this oso and cringe to death.

This guy Lelaki Ini!

Really love this picture of him!😍😍💖 I guess my taste is this kind of man. eh(?) 😅
So Crush pls note that i always like your fine line. Pls pls dont do anything to reduce it.

*p/s: I'm still ARMY guys dont worry haha. This is just my luahan hati

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  1. hahaha. we have our freedom to love everyone and same like you. 💕


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