The Last Princess (2016)

February 19, 2018

The Last Princess.  Recommended movie from me

I enjoy historical movie so much. So anyone out there who really appreciate historical movie even tho i hate history class so much (haha), are recommended to watch this. This movie made me cry because the story just so sad, plus it is based on the true event that happened before.

Touching role played by Son Ye Jin. Love Love. 

Tengoklah citer ni. Sedih. Puteri terakhir korea, tak dapat balik negara asal dia sendiri sampai jadi gila. Sobs. Movie available online maybe boleh tgk dkt dramacool. I guess. I dont know coz i watch this dekat tvN Movie channel - Unifi. Banyak movie best best. nanti kita update more more more. Okay~

peek a boo of the History:

In 1925, Korea is ruled by Japan, and 13-year-old Princess Deokhye – the last princess of the Joseon Dynasty – is forced to move to Japan to attend school there. She misses her home, and after she finishes school she makes several attempts to return, but is prevented by pro-Japanese general Han Taek-soo. One day, she is reunited with her childhood friend, Kim Jang-han, an officer in the Japanese army who is also part of the Korean independence movement. Kim plans a secret operation to move Deokhye and her brother Yi Un to Shanghai, site of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. This attempt fails after Han Taek-soo discovers the plan, and Deokhye and Kim are separated, losing contact with each other. She is forced to marry Count Takeyuki So in 1931, and develops schizophrenia after giving birth to their daughter the following year. Kim becomes a newspaper reporter and eventually finds Deokhye in a Japanese mental hospital, decades after they were separated. He then persuades the South Korean government to allow her in the country, and in 1962, Deokhye is finally able to return to her homeland. - Wiki

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